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Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Members of our company are your friends and neighbors.  We live in or around town, go to work every day, have kids, and are busy.  

Our day jobs span the spectrum.  We are teachers, engineers, high school & college students, mechanics, veterinary technicians, writers, attorneys, tax collectors, and more.  

We run our fire company like a small business.  Everybody applies their unique special talents to serve the town.

A group like this is required to be flexible in many ways.  We cater to multiple personalities, learning styles, schedules, and commitments.  At the same time, we have to make a strong commitment to our cause, and contribute whenever and however we can.  

We are unpaid professionals.  Though we volunteer our time, the delivery of our services must meet contemporary professional standards.  Neither the community nor our members would accept anything less.

Feel free to visit most monday nights at 7 PM at our Redding Ridge fire station, 186 Black Rock Turnpike; or any special event.  We'd love to meet you and talk about the fire company we're proud to serve.

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